Business Center.
You are the center.
Discover the new way of working: more flexible and collaborative, with greater talent and synergies between companies and reduced costs.
With more than 25 years’ experience serving hundreds of companies, BMC is all about relationships between people. About you.
A centre with open spaces full of light, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the best place to develop your passion in.
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Flexible spaces
Every additional
m² of office space.
one less limit
for your business.
Open 24/7
As inspiration can
strike at any time,
we open 24 hours
a day.
130 companies
A space
with a good
connection and
20' from Barcelona
The best of
Barcelona, without
the hustle and
bustle of Barcelona.
Our centre
It won’t seem
like work.
An office is no longer just an office. It’s a living space in which every worker should be able to feel comfortable and inspired. At BMC, we provide you with all the facilities you need to do your work in a seamless and productive manner.
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We’re not the only ones who say so!
Xavi Obradors
We appreciate everything BMC has to offer: comfort, services, facilities and location.  The great atmosphere encourages you to focus on your work in a really efficient and creative way. Without a doubt... an amazing place.
Ernesto Silva
SJ Construcciones
At a business centre you need a corporate image, suitable facilities allowing you to conduct your professional activity and comforts. BMC brings these characteristics together to perfection. The work BMC does is extraordinary - congratulations!
Judit Leiva
English Services
In love with... the working atmosphere, the brightness of the building and the talent at BMC.
Samuel Castro
The business centre excels in terms of its architecture, creating a space where interrelationships are constantly forged. The most highly-valued aspects we should highlight include the services provided the professionalism and, above all, the warmth of BMC’s staff.
The space
Allow the natural light to illuminate your ideas.
The click your company needs.
Turn your business round and locate it in the very best setting. Choose one of our premises and join the BMC Business Centre or hire one for as long as you need to present your collections or hold meetings.
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